Alpha 7.3 is here!

Hello Survivalist’
Alpha 7.3 is out now with many new additions, changes, bug fixes and improvements including a new basic character clothing protection system, smell blip icons system, day/night percentage options, block durability options, basic character sickness system, new locations including a Police Station, Truck Stop and 8 new campsites and much more! Here are the Official alpha 7.3 Release Notes!

Official Alpha 7.3 Release Notes


  • Added new basic Character Armor System accessed through the inventory crafting menu. Here the player can put on new found and crafted clothing for protection including hats/helmets, leg armor, chest armor, gloves, shoes and more. The character page also shows the players level and game stats. Note: The only clothing that’s tracked to the player model currently is the mining helmet more will come with the full character system in future builds.
  • Added a new Police Station, Truck Stop and 8 new campsites locations to the world
  • Added new smell icons that show on minimap that measures and show the players current smell level when he’s carrying smelly foods on his belt or backpack
  • Added new day/night percentage game options
  • Added new block durability game options as part of a larger plan for land protection
  • Added basic character sickness and gassiness from eating raw meat and eggs
  • Added gun crafting models and molds for the separate hunting rifle pieces
  • Added icons for the new clothing/protection system for a Leather Hat, Boots, Gloves, Jacket and Pants
  • Added icons for the new clothing/protection system for an Iron Helmet, Gloves, Chest Armor, Boots and Leg Armor
  • Added recipes for leather and iron armor
  • Added Bandana icon and Sunglasses icon
  • Added a boiled Egg Recipe and Icon


  • Changed sawed off shotgun fire to add more recoil to first person and third person female
  • Changed stags and rabbits flee in straight line away
  • Changed Zombies attacking blocks in proximity of player now show on minimap
  • Changed Reduced crafting time of spike traps from 30 to 10
  • Changed improved stealth & zombie sense detection logic
  • Changed raw uncooked foods to damage attributes
  • Changed increased chance for iron ore to drop lead
  • Changed increased chance to find beaker and added them to medicine cabinets

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed zombies attacking animals marking players as sensed
  • Fixed redid torch flicker
  • Fixed clients not hearing sounds
  • Fixed spider zombies to not crouch down to attack when they are not running on all four legs
  • Fixed collision on trees, now it is much more accurate and will not block bullets in the air
  • Fixed bug where hordes wouldn’t spawn after day 10
  • Fixed black missing blocks in a couple of the old houses where light fixtures were supposed to go
  • Fixed a bug of storage chests loosing inventory when player opened them while starving