Alpha 7 Status update!

Hey Survivalist,

Some of you have been asking for more development update news so here goes. We’re crunching hard on Alpha 7 which we still hope to get out to you before the end of February. Alpha 7 will include smooth terrain which has been completely redecorated, a new lighting model, new stealth system with rock throwing for distracting zombies, a new cooking/chemistry system with many new recipes, glass forging, new player spawning and backpack dropping death options, a new sound mixing system and so much more. This is going be a big one kiddies so buckle your seat belts and stay tuned.

But in the meantime here are 4 new screenshots to chew on. You Stay Cool now, The Fun Pimps.

Alpha_7_Preview_05 Alpha_7_Preview_07

Alpha_7_Preview_08 Alpha_7_Preview_06