New Alpha Pricing & Alpha 7 News!

Howdy Survivalist,

The past few months we have received hundreds of comments from customers suggesting that our early access Alpha pricing is too high and not aligned with other early access products.

Our original pricing for Steam was set to be aligned with our Kickstarter Alpha access pledge folks who paid $35. Since Kickstarter, much time has passed and the pricing requests continue to pour in.

That said we feel the best thing for the customers and the future of “7 Days to Die” is to listen the people and lower the price.

Effective through Beta our new single unit Alpha price is $24.99 and our Alpha 2 pack is $39.99! These prices will stay effective until Beta. We thank all of you who have supported our product so far and will strive to make it the best damn zombie game we can!

We’re also working hard on Alpha 7 which is on target to be out before the end of February. Smooth Terrain, Stealth and Cooking are confirmed features as well as a bunch of smaller fixes, improvements and features including new death options.


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