Alpha 8.1 hotfix is out!

Howdy Survivalists,
Alpha 8.1 is out with many new additions, improvements and fixes including: Memory reduction and leaks on dedicated servers, performance increase, friend connection issue fixes and much, much more.

Official Alpha 8.1 Release Notes


  • Added repair wrench can now upgrade blocks like the stone axe can. It takes three hits instead of four. Also it repairs faster than a stone axe.
  • Added new holster and unholster sounds
  • Added all lights now have a self illumination texture when turned on
  • Added dirt under snow in snow biomes. Note you may need to start a new game to get this change
  • Added window tag to windows so in future builds Zombies target windows


  • Changed stone axe now takes 4 hits to upgrade ramps instead of three
  • Changed scrollwheel timeout is changed now 800ms (old: 300ms). Changed hotkey timeout to 0ms (old: 300ms) this helps with holster/unholstering problems
  • Changed river water so it adds 15 hydration instead of 10
  • Changed Entities are spawning now 0.5 to 1m higher to adjust to the smooth terrain fixes zombies and animals falling through the world on spawn
  • Changed updated window reflections to correctly change brightness at night
  • Changed updated window models to allow proper alignment
  • Changed stone axe to dig dirt with 9 hits
  • Changed shovel to dig dirt with 3 hits
  • Changed doubled land protection of dirt to reflect new easier digging of non-land protected dirt
  • Changed snow no longer drops dirt or clay, but just snow.
  • Changed chat log buffer size to 50 lines to fix chat breaking
  • Changed shotguns to do 120 damage instead of 96
  • Changed Stamina now it only uses 75% of the stamina it used to so you can run a little further
  • Changed street lights are turned on

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak on dedicated servers
  • Fixed Skylight windows in known prefabs
  • Fixed connecting to friends directly from the steam friends list
  • Fixed block entities do not show up in the preview window so windows cannot be seen before you place them
  • Fixed players no longer get stuck in a 1×1 hole
  • Fixed equipped like items like hats now go into your backpack when you die
  • Fixed deprecated server issues. Should only show servers running the same version as client.
  • Fixed some servers showing A8 and PVP
  • Fixed resource rocks to drop resources every time you break them
  • Fixed broken doors in the school from not opening
  • Fix stamina so running uses stamina.

Known Issues

  • You have to hit Shift+Tab twice to bring up the steam overlay
  • 64 bit is known to unstable run it at your own risk