Alpha 8 with Smooth Terrain is here!

Hey Survivalists,
Alpha 8 is out with many new additions, improvements and fixes including: Full smooth Terrain, Air Drops, improved upgrade path on player made wooden and cobblestone house blocks, new sub biomes for biome variety and much, much more. Many of you have been waiting on news for the Linux version. We are really close and it regrettably will come out with the next release.

Official Alpha 8 Release Notes


  • Added full smooth terrain RIP minecraft looking world
  • Added new per poly colliders for improved thrown objects
  • Added airplane supply drops with configurable drop frequency
  • Added new weapon holster and unholster system and sounds
  • Added animation controller to rock resources so they can have break animations
  • Added new sub biomes into most of the main biomes for variety
  • Added lens flares to house lights, mining helmets and flashlights
  • Added ability to break secure containers down into non-secure containers
  • Added Delete All option to Drop On Death
  • Added gascan recipe from grain alcohol
  • Added “forged metal” item
  • Added new model window blocks with environment mapping to all the Navezgane prefabs 3 of which support the new window upgrade/downgrade path
  • Added reinforced hard metal door


  • Changed made high res old window frame, transparent glass, garage door, old shingles, painted wood textures used on world prefabs
  • Changed wood frames so you can pick them up (useful for re-arranging your house) until they are upgraded. Once upgraded to a solid wood wall, if you tear down the old wood wall the frame remaining can never be picked up
  • Changed FPVFemaleMagnumHold so iron sites aim with the magnum
  • Changed pickaxe animations to have more weight
  • Changed FPVFemalePickaxeFire Blending
  • Changed wood ramp frames so you can pick them up (useful for re-arranging your house) until they are upgraded. Once upgraded to a solid wood ramp, if you tear down the old wood ramp the frame remaining can never be picked up
  • Changed frames and ramps so they drop nothing when destroyed now that there are frames that can be picked up and used for scaffolding
  • Changed cobblestone walls to be upgraded to the third tier using cobblestones instead of cement
  • Changed art for cobblestone reinforced and cobblestone reinforced with metal
  • Changed Sped up crafting of sharp stones
  • Increased probability of finding iron ore
  • Decreased weight of lead ore
  • Changed block downgrade to drop items just like block destroy
  • Changed various stacklimits
  • Changed zombies path on smooth terrain (dogs/animals are very bad right now)
  • Changed dirt to only be two layers deep so players only have to dig down two layers to make a strong foundation
  • Changed dirt and stone have a 2x additional hardness underneath land claims
  • Changed dirt and stone are harder to dig or mine
  • Changed “New” and “Continue” game options to use categories and accordion style lists
  • Changed removed boarded windows recipe. Windows can now be boarded up by repairing them with a stone axe as long as you have planks in your inventory
  • Changed mining helmet light to be more of a blue tone and lowered the intensity a little so it doesn’t blind the player as much
  • Changed dying will now respawn you with 50% health, food, and water
  • Changed removed Survival Mode (for non dedicated servers) and replaced with Survival SP and Survival MP
  • Changed sticks burn only half as long
  • Changed “wood framework” to “wood frame”
  • Changed wood based ramp blocks to downgrade to a ramp frame
  • Changed hard metal door texture
  • Changed hard metal door recipe to use forged metal item instead of forging metal block
  • Changed removed Dm and Horde maps. Horde like gameplay will be supported in Navezgane, Future new maps and the random generated worlds with game options in a coming builds
  • Changed rebalanced wood cutting and wood base blocks
  • Changed player names only shows if a player is closer than 3m
  • Changed updated rock shader and glass shader to properly change lighting level at night
  • Changed Increased durability of tools to compensate for harder wood and earth
  • Changed increased block damage on zombies to compensate for much stronger forts
  • Changed turned down volume of hornets flying
  • Changed did Some dedi server speed optimizations
  • Changed rebalanced all loot containers
  • Changed Steam authentication port from 8766 to GamePort + 2 for scalability
  • Changed added block durability option 25% durability
  • Changed running no longer decreases stamina and stamina will no longer regenerate while running
  • Changed stamina weapon damage reduction is capped to 50%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed FPV water drink animation
  • Fixed upgrade and downgrade path of new placeable frames for wood and rebar
  • Fixed material bug on resource rocks
  • Fixed explosions should consider land protection now
  • Fixed zombie damage ignores land protection correctly
  • Fixed water drink from playing after using last block
  • Fixed trees too dark
  • Fixed item duping bug when dropping and changing toolbelt items at the same time
  • Fixed item duping bug when swapping molds in the forge
  • Fixed item duping bug when closing the crafting grid with non ingredient items in it
  • Fixed null reference error in telnet that would sometimes lock up dedicated servers
  • Fixed: Holster/Unholster animation gets out of sync
  • Fixed it so downgraded blocks do not leave a block
  • Fixed knives so they can cut grass
  • Fixed bug that sometimes on a server with connected clients decorations (like trees) were not shown
  • Fixed problem that you could activate the same toolbelt slot twice by pressing the hotkey
  • Fixed block rebarRampFrame renders adjacent blocks right
  • Fixed dropping empty backpack on death or quit.


  • AirDropFrequency – Added; How often airdrop occur in game-hours, 0 == never
  • DropOnDeath – Changed; option of 0 (drop nothing), 0 now drops everything.
  • GameMode – Horde and Deathmatch have been Deprecated commands will be removed in the coming builds

Known Issues

  • You have to hit Shift+Tab twice to bring up the steam overlay
  • 64 bit is known to be unstable run it at your own risk
  • Playing with larger numbers of players can be slow to rebuild collison
  • Cactus damage is inaccurate