Alpha 8.2 is out!

Howdy Survivalists,
Alpha 8.2 is out with many fixes, improvements and additions including: Huge memory reduction and Crash fixes, new feral enemy aggression option, new sun and moon, tree farming, new recipe crafting system overhaul, mining fixes and so much more! Folks we’ve done our best to stay compatible with old saved games however if you’re experiencing any problems we recommend starting new games.

Official Alpha 8.2 Release Notes


  • Added new Enemy Aggression game option. With normal and feral. Feral means zombies sense you from over 100 meters at night simulating our old horde mode. They also come every night. Combine this with short 24 hour cycles and air drops for the classic horde mode experience.
  • Added lens flare to sun and new sun texture
  • Added moon shadows and increased moon light
  • Added pine and maple tree farming. Tree seeds can be planted on dirt or forest ground and do not need to be watered or near water using seeds dropped from pine and maple trees
  • Added rebar ramp recipe
  • Added cobblestone upgrade path to include ramps and require forged iron (Joel)
  • Added rotting flesh, femur and hide to zombie dog loot
  • Added military weapons and ammo loot groups
  • Added melee weapons loot group
  • Added Hard Metal Door recipe & two upgraded versions. They are upgraded with forged metal.
  • Added furniture material that has no stability (couches and chairs can no longer be stuck to walls)
  • Added a weight to small rocks so they can be smelted into cement (Joel)
  • Added cobblestones to airdrops
  • Added new icons glass pane, cement mold, forged iron, goldenrod flower, goldenrod tea, dirt, sand, and clay


  • Changed recipe crafting system overhaul includes: new recipe group tags to items and blocks so recipes are now sorted by groups. New color backgrounds for matching groups F.E. ammo and weapons are read, semi-transparent item icons appear in recipe grid, new recipe text colors bright green quick craft, dark green known, white unknown but have ingredients, grey unknown and don’t have ingredients, new alphabetical recipe sorting and sorting based on text color
  • Changed cut down memory consumption by clearing refs on chunks
  • Changed the limit on the number of chunks that are generated at the same time. Also to reduce memory consumption
  • Changed optimized chunk memory consumption once again
  • Changed internal handling of all normal maps to save memory. On a client this will bring about 300MB of system memory
  • Changed the game uses now a different texture compression that leads to a 300MB memory saving on clients
  • Changed the voice chat is now disabled per default! If a server switches voice chat off, no client can do voice chat! Note the voice chat bug is not fixed but this allows folks with this problem to play
  • Changed biome resources underground to have no gravel and more small deposits of ore for better mining
  • Changed mismatching versions cannot connect message is shown “Incompatible versions”
  • Changed improved suitcase loot
  • Changed increased drop scale of metal fragments, lumps of coal, and small rocks
  • Changed selectable max player value in game options, limited to 8
  • Changed removed Rusty Metal Door recipe
  • Changed all recipes using thin metal plates or forging iron (a block) to use forged iron (an item)
  • Changed hunting knife and bone shiv to have more durability and damage
  • Changed lightened dead shrub texture
  • Changed new high res cacti
  • Changed default spectrum to be desert blue sky
  • Changed went through menu descriptions and fixed inaccurate or incorrect wording and updated new options english.txt
  • Shortened names of the recipes that are too long in the english.txt
  • Changed ammunition nation book now unlocks bullet tip mold and bullet casing mold
  • Changed cobblestone recipe now yields 2 cobblestones instead of 1
  • Changed Sleeping bags now drop cloth when destroyed
  • Changed increased stack limit on coal and potassium nitrate to 250
  • Changed dirt is now at least 3 meters deep before hitting stone
  • Changed increased stack limit of aloe cream to 10
  • Changed weight of scrap brass to 8 oz so smaller items can be scrapped like trophies
  • Changed updated icons for yucca juice, small rock, coffee, and stone
  • Changed decreased fog in the plains
  • Changed resource rock prefabs to more optimized sphere colliders, fixed excessively large collision area boxes had previously had
  • Changed updated grass texture, curbs and curb corners
  • Changed tuned zombie loot
  • Changed Mp5’s, rocket launchers and sniper rifles are only found in military munitions crates
  • Changed corrugated metal textures

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players can’t fall through terrain or get stuck inside blocks
  • Fixed problem that wrong blocks were hit when digging
  • Fixed zombies can’t hit doors & heads clip through doors and can attack things behind doors
  • Fixed grass should be easier to hit from every angle
  • Fixed colliders on melee weapons. Gave each weapon appropriate sized colliders. For example its much easier to hit a zombie with a sledgehammer than with a stick
  • Fixed campfire output not clearing when changing recipes (putting in bag)
  • Fixed issue with oven not being able to loot from certain angles
  • Fixed stability problem in Diersville homes with basements
  • Fixed the lighting on zombies & animals black at night except dog
  • Fixed glass panes forging bug
  • Fixed you can’t crouch while iron sighted
  • Fixed the bad lighting on the ski lodge roof
  • Fixed cobblestone so doors can be placed in it
  • Fixed Sledgehammer not playing all the time
  • Fixed supply crate bgs Airplanes animate smoothly on clients, parachute not showing, supply crates appearing black, supply crates despawning after landing
  • Fixed maneuvering through open door doorways is bad
  • Fixed burnt wooden frames to be made of wood instead of stone
  • Fixed use of don’t not use texture in several prefabs
  • Fixed use of thin grass only in many prefabs f.e the grass in Diersville is now thicker
  • Fixed hole in the plains that went down to the bedrock
  • Fixed fall damage not working since introduction of smooth terrain
  • Fixed player keeps walking/running when opening chat window


  • <!– 0 = Normal, 1 = Feral →

Known Issues

  • You have to hit Shift+Tab twice to bring up the steam overlay
  • 64 bit is known to unstable run it at your own risk
  • Sometimes players might bounce up and down from certain collision situations
  • Some users have reported a possible problem with Windows 8. A possible fix is to run the executable in windows 7 compatibility mode.
  • 64 Bit version could be unstable.