Alpha 8.3 is out!

Howdy Survivalists,
Alpha 8.3 is out with many fixes. We updated to Unity 4.5 which resolved many known 64 and 32 bit crashes and freezes, fixed normal zombie aggression mode and so much more!

Official Alpha 8.3 Release Notes


  • Added schematic required to learn how to craft iron armor. There is a schematic for each piece
  • Added book to learn leather crafting & leather armor. The one book teaches you all leather armor pieces


  • Updated to Unity 4.5 which resolved many known 64 and 32 bit crashes and freezes
  • Changed tuned pipe bombs and rockets and their damage to players, zombies and structures
  • Changed hardness of concrete/cobblestone, metal and their resistance to explosions (Joel)
  • Changed land mines so they can be scrapped
  • Changed reduced chance of finding books
  • Changed reduced crafting time for sharp stones
  • Changed reduced repair time of anything using metal strips
  • Changed only one book can be found in book loot group instead of 1-2
  • Changed reduced air drop loot to a maximum of 6 items instead of 9

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Non feral zombies hone in on the player non-stop and is harder than feral mode.
  • Fixed conflicting recipe with barnwood & red wood planks
  • Fixed a pipe bomb would destroy a water block, which could then be picked up as a dropped item
  • Fixed bug that decals weren’t showing
  • Fixed problem that explosion destroyed land protected doors
  • Fixed helmet model for Iron helmet now uses swat helmet and leather helmet uses a cowboy hat instead of a cloth item
  • Fixed garage loot container size to be same as regular cardboard boxes
  • Fixed Shift clicking on a recipe in the recipe list will swallow items if it’s already full
  • Fixed zombies don’t take damage from land mines
  • Fixed plant shader for cactus models to accept fog
  • Fixed campfire particle system to not have smoke appearing far outside of the model