First Trailer breaks 2000 Views

The Fun Pimps would like to thank all of you for supporting us  on our first day of announcing “7 Days to Die!” It has been great day to say the least. We have over 2000 views on our first trailer, hundreds of pre-orders, many great comments on facebook, twitter, email and forums.It has been awesome and humbling to know our months of hard work back in the secret pimp crib hideout were worth it. To the team, our new fans and friends I raise my pimp cane in the air, tip my pimp hat brim, pull down my sun glasses and say “You some cool ass sonofabitches!”

And a special thanks to JuexVideo and Bluenews for being a couple of the first sites to post our news!

“I stack my loot from head to boot… and trick my Ho’s from head to toe.”

The Fun Pimps