Merry Christmas 10-4 Good Buddy!

Ho Ho Ho Survivalists,

We have a nice little present for you under the snowy pine tree of Navezgane. It’s better than a zombie crawler breaking your leg. It’s better than dysentery with no goldenrod tea in sight. It’s even better than running from a nighttime horde in the desert sand with a whopping 30 wellness.

What could it be? It’s a brand new, shiny 10.4 build good buddy and it’s ready to unwrap with a simple click of the download 7 Days to Die Steam button. The build contains many fixes, gameplay tuning, balancing, and a Christmas secret. Stay tuned for an upcoming 7DTD Holiday contest!

And sorry folks saved games are not compatible!

Read on little Navezgane Elfs to find out more!

Official Alpha 10.4 Release Notes

• Added system where you can now see hair that makes sense to see when wearing hats, helmets still fully cover hair
• Added beverages to coolers
• Added a new place cobblestone sound
• Added damage\upgrade particle effect to steel door and old wooden door
• Added damage stage sound effect to steel door and old wooden door
• Added street_light_02 to towns

• Changed made kicks by EAC/Steam more robust
• Changed public game is now the default option in the multiplayer game options menu tab
• Changed the Server browser history to no longer show private games and other games which cluttered up the history
• Changed improved player swimming physics
• Changed increased how much cloth repairs clothing
• Changed sped up cobblestone use animation
• Changed hammer is now unlocked in home maintenance book
• Changed all storage crate recipes so they are centered
• Changed output.log to give give more precise information when loading TextureAtlasBlocks fails
• Changed reduced frequency of resource rocks found in biomes
• Changed corn is less frequent in the grasslands
• Blueberries are restricted to sub biomes in the snow biome. (Joel)
• Changed skill books can be stacked to 50
• Changed loot chances in book cases which now drop 0-2 books instead of or 1-3 as well as Shotgun Messiah crates and Working Stiff crates lowered chances for items
• Changed making cobblestone now yields 4 from 1 stone and 1 cement, or 1 destroyed stone
• Changed slowed crop growing speed down
• Changed players take no health damage from food poisoning but more wellness damage
• Changed rotten flesh doesn’t infect you any more
• Changed storage crates are now lockable
• Changed Log prefixing messages with INF (information), WRN (warning), ERR (error), EXC (exception)
• Changed placement of candles to be flat on the ground when placed
• Changed 7th day hordes may be postponed if other hordes are active
• Changed Reintegrated random wandering hordes
• Changed in debug mode when you teleport the player using the coordinates the player is now set to the ground on spawning
• Changed torches to not have burn time any more
• Changed Yucca juice no longer provides any food
• Changed Yucca fruit no longer provides any water. Increased food from 3 to 5
• Changed torch now stores degradation when placed
• Changed Town sizes to be a little smaller [103×103 min to 412×412 max]

• Fixed ServerMaxPlayerCount offset by -1 since 10.3 hotfix
• Fixed problem that some blocks like ladder are not visible on Linux computers
• Fixed problem that some corn bottom parts could not be harvested
• Fixed prefab xml static spawners were working in random gen cities when they should not. Cities in random gen are currently handled by biome spawners
• Fixed prefabs set to max in hub 1 would spawn more in the same city block. You should not see 2 of the same special buildings like gun stores close to each other now
• Fixed nref on supply crate spawns
• Changed zombie/animal pathing so it is a projected path onto the terrain, should fix most remaining cases of spinning zombies with a few exceptions that can be fixed on a case by case block item collision basis
• Fixed mis-rotated window in old west building
• Fixed a few bad english entries like cobblestone frame in English.txt
• Fixed one of the missing chunk problems
• Fixed skull cap icon colors
• Fixed problem that removed blocks from blocks.xml caused saved games to corrupt if they were dropped
• Fixed glass appearing opaque blue on one of the commercial doors
• Fixed Sound doubling/networking bug clients would hear an echo of impacts sometimes
• Fixed handling of players with invalid SteamIDs
• Fixed NullRef in ServerBrowser after entering wrong password
• Fixed various barn blocks to the correct material and they don’t drop metal or stone anymore
• Fixed sign_slow and sign_speed_25 signs to face properly in towns
• Fixed null reference error when right clicking while all container windows were closed
• Fixed prefabs sometimes spawning at y position 0 or less causing errors
• Fixed NullRef on shutdown with multiple clients still connected
• Fixed player permanently holding nail in his hand after loading nailgun
• Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException if player builds terrain higher than 254 meters
• Fixed Pillcases now have medicine loot not book loot
• Fixed NullReferenceException in EntityFallingBlock

• Fixed setting PersistentCustomCharacters makes server non-stock

Known Issues
• Some rare occurrences of zombies and enemies spinning
• Some buildings will occasional overlap in town hubs
• A very small amount of icons have improper tinting or a missing icon
• Clients may still occasionally see missing world chunks. This can be fixed by quitting and rejoining a server