New Buy Page, Ticketing & Key Retrieval Systems up!

Hey Survivalist,

New Improved Buy Page in up!
Folks we’ve been working hard on trying to make it easier to buy the game so we have a new BUY PAGE up which allows an optional user specified email field!

New Support Ticketing and Key Retrieval Systems up!
Folks we want to support the game better so we put up brand new support ticketing and key retrieval systems! GET SUPPORT HERE!

ALPHA VERSION 1.1 COMING SOON! – You guys have been asking so here are a few things we’re including in the first official Alpha 1.1 update coming soon.

  • Improved memory management, game needs less memory
  • 6 player consumer coop and multiplayer
  • Version check and login check can be bypassed now when our server cannot be reached
  • Better dedicated server support (unlimited players)
  • Console does not pop up on errors any more
  • Several item duplication bugs fixed
  • Added recipes for brick, decayed brick, pavers red wood and more
  • Zombie stair pathing improved