The Site is back up and more!

Hey Survivalist, we’ve been lying low pulling our site down for maintenance and prepping our new spiffy servers to support our huge and growing fan base. We apologize for the downtime but hope you’ll enjoy the new ride and added benefits that are coming soon.

NEW FORUMS PASSWORD RESET – Folks we have new spiffy forums up and running. Due to the new forums, your old password is gone! To reset your password, click here. You will be sent an email to reset the password. Be sure to check your spam folder, we’ve had reports that the email is put there sometimes!

SUPPORT TICKET PAGE COMING – Folks we apologize for the inconvenience but we are working on rebuilding our customer database and a new ticketing support system to better serve those with support problems including no authentication keys, wrong emails, blocked emails, login errors and more. Unfortunately about 300 customers have been caught in the middle of this. Please be patient during this transition period as we will do our best to serve you.

NEW PURCHASING SYSTEM COMING – Folks we’re sorry but our purchasing page is down right now! We’re busy working on helping the folks who already bought the game and still need our support. Check back soon as we’re busy working on an improved buying system.

ALPHA VERSION 1.1 COMING SOON! – You guys have been asking so here are a few things we’re including in the first official Alpha 1.1 update coming soon.

  • Improved memory management, game needs less memory
  • 6 player consumer coop and multiplayer
  • Version check and login check can be bypassed now when our server cannot be reached
  • Better dedicated server support (unlimited players)
  • Console does not pop up on errors any more
  • Several item duplication bugs fixed
  • Added recipes for brick, decayed brick, pavers red wood and more
  • Zombie stair pathing improved