Thank you so much and next steps

Thank you Survivalist’
You’ve all given us so much and exceeding our wildest expectations reaching our top stretch goal breaking 500k on Kickstarter in the last minutes. The whole team thanks you and is grateful for the opportunity you have given us and blessed us with the chance to make “Our Dream Game,” “Your dream Game.”

We have already worked around the clock to promote this game and create a build we are proud of and a registration, downloading system we hop can accommodate over 25 thousand users. But our work is not done.

We still need to collect all our backers information and get it into our database so we can get you your user Keys. On or before midnight US Central time you will receive a Kickstarter survey please fill it out thoroughly and accurately as a simple email typo, wrong name or address can prevent from getting you the game. And if you bought one of the Alpha packs please know your friend’s emails and names as this can prevent us from getting you the game. If you overfunded $70 and want 2 Alpha copies please include that in the survey.

And for now please do not email us unless you already bought the game with paypal and have account problems as we are answering hundreds of emails a day and this will prevent us from getting you the game. We ask you to be patient a little longer as we get you the game in the coming hours or days!

And for those of you who have asked our PayPal Buy page will be back up soon and stay up after Alpha release for everyone to still buy the pledges they want including Alpha.

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The tired but still fun Pimps