We’re Greenlit on Steam & 1st Stretch Goal reached!

What’s happening Survivalist’
Today is a very special day we have lots of announcements so here goes!

After 23 days were Greenlit on Steam Greenlight getting over 75, 000 Yes votes, 8,340 followers and 8,703 favorites. You guys really knocked this one out of the park and let the Steam guys know what you really want!

Today we reached our first stretch goal of $250, 000 on Kickstarter and we still have 6 days to go keep them pledges coming let’s blow the lid off of this joint!

Our good bud rhinoCrunch has posted three videos of a 7 part series covering our game. There will be a new Multiplayer one up soon guys so check it out. I also heard a rumor that he might be giving away some game keys soon on the
rhinoCrunch forums

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