Stretch Goal 2 is getting close!

Howdy Survivalist’
Things a rolling and we have couple of announcements for you!”

  • We reached our first stretch goal yesterday on Kickstarter and are halfway to our 2nd already topping 275k today! Folks we still have 5 days left and we’ve got some fantastic stretch goals coming up with some great features. Let’s keep it rockin!
  • If you hadn’t heard yet we got Greenlit on Steam !
  • Our good friend rhinoCruch is giving away free Alpha Keys better head over and get some. Also he has a 7 part series on the rhinoCrunch channel
  • And last of all well be on live Twitch TV starting at 2 p.m. US Central time on Fraghard’s Channel  and at Central time on these channels dakotazsummit1g briantitan gotembro

Check it out now funk soul brother
The Fun Pimps