11.2 b4 Hotfix is now live!

Guten tag mein freunde!

We’ve been troubleshooting the issues with Mac and Linux not loading and have fixed the issue. We used a new loading function in the first set of builds and it causes the program to crash on many Mac systems. We have not tested this on Linux because the systems we have loaded the first set on worked fine. If you are on Linux and are still having issues, please let me know in this thread. We reverted to the old (11.1) loading system until we can get in and debug it fully. This change will not affect anyone’s saves or what have you, it’s a simple pre-game change. However, there was a small change to the RWGmixer XML that got added from yesterdays patch, so you MAY have some generation issues. I highly doubt it, but just covering the bases here gents.
Please go ahead and download it and get back into the game!

Thanks for your patience guys.