Alpha 11.3 Patch is out!

Howdy Survivalists,
We’ve just released our Apha 11.3 patch fixed the worst reported user problems.

This should be compatible with saved games from 11.2  but if you experience any problems please reinstall the game and start a brand new game.

Here’s the details:


  • Added graphics option to specify grass view distance
  • Added Mouse Inversion setting now applies right away without the need of a game restart
  • Added Settings that take effect only when a game restarts are now unchangeable in-game
  • Added basic code mod interface, only loaded on the dedicated server build
  • Added new Foliage rendering distance option to help slower computers run the game


  • Changed Updated Tree LOD distances
  • Changed Dedi + Client now use about 200MB less heap memory
  • Changed reduced frequency of wandering hordes
  • Changed reduced default max alive at once in hordes to improve framerate
  • Changed sisable Cubemaps when not supported.  Disable cubemaps when reflections are turned off
  • Changed game to default  to Direct3D 11 with auto-fallback to D3D9 if D3D11 is not supported has performance gains for DirectX 11 supported cards
  • Changed Capped Animal spawning for better performance


  • Fixed Zombies passing through closed doors
  • Fixed: Block model LOD switching appears to not be functional regardless of LOD setting
  • Fixed mouse inversion broken
  • Fixed: Far clipping not setting when the game starts
  • Fixed ping display
  • Fixed Wood spikes go invisible and no longer damage
  • Fixed colors in chat not terminated properly if multiple colors were stacked
  • Fixed Terrain generator caching
  • Fixed Kick/Ban/ConnectionError Messages close very fast without interaction of user
  • Fixed Zombie Death State Not being sent to clients when out of chunk load distance
  • Fixed new model shape icons like the stairs looking  wrong
  • Fixed flashlight control breaking after re-connecting to a dedi server
  • Fixed Zombies turn circles on porch wood poles (like undead strippers)
  • Fixed scrap metal piles in wasteland can be scrapped and smelted again
  • Fixed scrap metal piles in wasteland can be scrapped and smelted again
  • Fixed arrows are made of wood instead of metal


  • New Telnet implementation which allows multiple connections at a time and should be more resilient against crashes
  • Telnet uses UTF8 encoding. If you use PuTTY to connect select “Connection Type: Raw”
  • Telnet only listening on localhost if no password is set but it does not ask for password in this case in return
  • Output of console commands is only sent to the issuer of the command, not to all connected Telnet/Web clients
  • Types of log messages shown on a Telnet / Web connection can be selected for each connection individually with the “loglevel” command
  • Commands support double-quoted strings now, in order to use a double quote within such a quote use two quotes (e.g. say “Hello “”people”””)
  • Added new console commands (getgameprefs, gettime, kill, listplayerids, loglevel, version)
  • Commands rewritten (admin, ban, commandpermission, kick, settime, whitelist; use help <command> to see new/changed features)
  • Commands buff/debuff working on clients in multiplayer
  • Console help command extended by detailed help on single commands, some commands got that help texts added now


Known Issues

  • There are still a number of known duplication bugs please be patient as we will resolve these as soon as possible