Stretch Goal 2 reached and Machinima fun!

Howdy Survivalist’
Things a rolling and we have couple of announcements for you!

  • We reached our 2nd stretch goal today on Kickstarter topping 306k! Folks there are just 3 days left and we’ve got some fantastic stretch goals coming up! Let’s get them zombie bears in there!
  • Our good buddies over at meMySelfAndZombiesCo have put together a hilarious fictional Machinima masterpiece on our game! They’ll be doing a series on this so check back soon.
  • If you hadn’t heard yet we got Greenlit on Steam!
  • And last of all folks if you’ve messaged us or emailed us with a question or a support issue please be patient and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’re getting hundreds of emails a day

Check it out now funk soul brother
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